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Protecting your assets and planning for their eventual use by loved ones is a task of vital significance for anyone who values their achievements in life and cares about the future of those they leave behind. Working with an experienced lawyer who understands the options and opportunities that individuals and spouses have at their disposal when developing an estate plan is crucial to making things work.

At William P. Schwarz Attorney at Law, we believe it is never too late to address these issues. If you have failed to put an estate plan into place or need to revisit your will and other important documents, we can help you deal with these issues and achieve greater peace of mind.

We offer a full complement of estate planning services that address virtually all your legal needs in connection with property and investment holdings, related tax issues, and important arrangements to address potential incapacity or the need for assistance.

These include:

  • Estate and gift tax: Minimizing tax is an important goal of a plan for the distribution of your assets. We guide you through estate tax and gift tax issues while preparing your plan.
  • Powers of attorney: Planning allows you to designate individuals to help you with important financial, medical, and other decisions should you become unable to do so. This is generally accomplished through powers of attorney.
  • Asset and home preservation: When unexpected medical issues arise, it may be necessary to use a nursing home. The expense of doing so is not covered under many insurance policies. The debt incurred could threaten your assets and home. But a knowledgeable Medicaid attorney may help you find another way and assist you with asset and home preservation and protection.

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